Tarot card “MAG”


The year 2020 is described in the MAG tarot cards.

One card pulled from the deck is enough to point me to the events that are next in 2020.

A picture that shows that we are in the year we are making our own destiny, using all the skills and knowledge we have acquired over the years. 2020 is a year of transformation and major changes from the root or based on our internal transformation of accumulated energy that should be directed towards improving our standard and quality of life.

The mag is a young person, a little confused on her face but very determined in action. Maybe we will feel that way at the beginning of the year. The magician on the table in front of him has a full table, the abilities we possess and all that we have available from the material world. The upward hand indicates what we can change and where our hidden potential lies. It is a warning to rely not only on what we see and feel, but also to pay attention to the signs that the universe sends us. You have the power you need to use, maybe for the first time in your life. It’s like starting a new business for the first time, starting a family, getting out of relationships that disturbed us. The mag has a magic wand, which is exactly what we are not aware at first glance – the power to persevere in action. That stick has two sides, which warns us to note that each story has two sides, black and white, ying and yang. We get a warning that we must obey the rules and laws that will change throughout the year, the eternal game of hiding and discovering where we will have the help of the higher powers. The mag shows us that something is inevitable to happen, that we will overcome some of our fears, and that everything that has stood in one place for a long time must be removed or transformed. 2020 will bring some people back to our lives and situations but only to give us our final judgment. The year in which we begin to build our lives from the ground up, but based on some painful experiences and interruptions that are inevitable. At first, we may feel that we are not up to the task, waiting for our partner, family to take the first step .. that will not happen. The mag tells you, it’s your power, it’s you as an individual who is strong enough to say no or yes … and it doesn’t have to be painful. That magic wand indicates that sometimes it’s good to wait, put it away, and retire in time. The magician is lonely in his changes, left to others but aware that focusing on himself can bring so much good to others. They may not understand us at first, but we are not looking for it. It may not support us, but we don’t need it. We already have everything we need in 2020. We are ready, we have the knowledge, the skill to change everything that bothers us, the magic wand to turn fear into courage. Yes …. I forgot the sword, it will protect us and we will always defend ourselves with it .. whatever gets in our way.


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